Cobra Machining's Expertise

Precision Product & Definite Delivery

Vaughn Wright founded the company 14 years ago recognizing that "superior production" and the promise of quality were the regular hype. We've left the hype to the competition and focused on our expertise, attention to detail and investing in the latest equipment. Our focus allows us to machine to .001 in tolerance with an impressively low return rate of less than 1/2 of 1 percent.
We are competitive in spirit and we know that to be the best, the delivery challenge must be met and that dock to stock must be an action not a slogan.

Today, Vaughn's daughter and his wife have assumed ownership of the company, creating a woman owned business, continuing in his footsteps to provide the quality and responsive support customers expect.

Responsive Customer Service

We don't just work with our customers, they are the reason we exist. Our production may be controlled by CAD/CAM, but our service is dictated by relationships with people. We control and leverage technology as tools and never let them dictate the terms and means by which we communicate with those we serve. While we have the capability of receiving schematics over the internet and manufacture we believe that good business is good will between good people.

Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing

Automated design and CNC interfaces provide the most accurate and cost-effective channel from customer specification to production process with little or no lost time. With cost and production controls as precise as what we produce we are able to deliver exceptional value and quality with timely delivery.

Only one thing truly matters in the world of precision machined components today:
Customer Satisfaction with Exceptional Quality

Our central focus since 1988, validated by letters in our files from customers, has been customer satisfaction. If its references you need to help make the decision to partner with Cobra for the production of the precision components that will enhance your products' performance, we've got them. All it takes is a simple phone call to see how we might do business together.