About Cobra Machining Corp.

Our Elevator Statement:

If we can only leave you with one thought,
we'd like it to be this:
Cobra doesn't make big machines, we make the big parts that make the big machine run smoothly.

Think of Cobra Machine Corporation as the King of Large
Precision Machining. We work with turning sizes up to 70" in diameter and as small as 6". We can mill up to 40 x 60 and 30 x 80.
We work with a variety of metals ranging from Mild Steel, all stainless series, aluminum, cast iron, titanium, inconel, to hot rolled and cold rolled steel. Whenever you see a large manufacturing machine, the chances are good that you'll find a Cobra Machine
crafted part functioning smoothly in its place.

Our Roots:

Vaughn Wright founded Cobra Machining Corp. in January 1988 having over thirty-five years experience in large scale machining and manufacturing. We have over 150 years experience in combined fields which underscores our ability to effectively deliver the components that you need when you need them—literally dock to stock if that's the requirement.

Our Competency:

From forgings, flame cuts, castings, to bar and round stock, Cobra Machining offers short run and high volume sub contract machining services to a wide range of industries that service the Food Processing Equipment, Aerospace, Automotive and Department of Defense. Of course it goes without saying, the precision CNC turning and manufacturing of large machined parts is performed in a modern, state-of-art CAD/CAM production facility.

Communications technology is a cost cutting tool.
We encourage electronic file transfer of your Autocad or Teksoft CAD/CAM files to us by email.
Of course we can work with print drawings, but real efficiencies are gained by e-mail.

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